Do you like to travel and would you like to see the whole world? With an expedition truck you can travel all over the world and see the most beautiful countries and environments. In this article you can read more about what an expedition truck is and about the construction of such a truck.

What is an expedition truck?

An expedition truck is a travel truck with which you can go on holiday. What is the difference with a normal car, camper or caravan? An expedition truck is usually a motorhome, but not just any one. It usually concerns motorhomes that are slightly larger and sturdier than the average motorhome. Because these trucks are very sturdy, you can go on adventures and expeditions with them, hence the name.

An expedition truck is often made from another, already existing, truck. You can think of old fire trucks, small trucks or cars with a loading platform such as a Toyota Hilux or a Volkswagen Amarok. A cabin is placed on such cars, which eventually becomes the living area of ​​the motorhome.

Build it yourself or have it built

Nowadays you see more and more people who buy a van themselves and then convert it into a camper. This happens with all kinds of cars and vans, but the basics usually remain the same. Building a camper or expedition truck yourself is a big job. It obviously costs a lot of money and there is a good chance that there will be several obstacles during the process. In addition, you must have sufficient knowledge about building a motorhome, but also about installing electricity and draining water.

Would you like an expedition truck but do you have two left hands? There are several companies that can build an expedition truck for you. It is possible to buy a truck yourself and deliver it to the company, but it is also possible to have the company select and rebuild a truck. Of course, having an expedition truck built by a professional company costs a lot of money, but then you also know for sure that your expedition truck is fantastic.